Tharphen Lingtsang,a Tibetan Thangka Painter, is the son of the late Karma Gardri Painter Gega Lama, author of one of the foremost book on Tibetan painting and iconography “Principles of Tibetan Art”.

He was born and brought up in India after his parents fled their homeland during the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Tharphen attended a Jesuit school in Darjeeling in north-east India, receiving a thorough western education.

After finishing school, he wanted to study with his father in order to carry on the sacred tradition of Thangka Painting and to ensure the continuity of the Karma Gardri school of painting. Tharphen was already familiar with Thangka Painting from a very early age receiving teachings from his father in a playful manner.

The intensive transmission began when he had decided to become a Thangka Painter. For the first few years he studied all the measurements and the proportions of the deities, preparing pigments, canvases, making brushes etc.

Once he became a skilled and a qualified painter, he started assisting his father in different projects. They had an atelier in Kathmandu, where they taught aspiring students in the traditional manner through apprenticeship. Until the death of his father, Tharphen worked and taught with him, creating many unique thangkas, painting frescoes in monasteries and constructing stupas in Nepal and India.

Since his arrival in the Netherlands, he has been asked to teach in different Buddhist Institutes in Europe.