'TIBET ART NOW' presents a selection of contemporary art works by exiled Tibetan artists. In addition works of Western artists, who strongly relate to Tibet or have been making their art works in Tibet, will be shown too. Criteria for the exhibited works are quality and their relation to the Tibetan culture as such. The art is meant to give a true expression of vision and experience. That way the exhibition can give an insight in the upcoming future of Tibetan culture.

A rich cultural heritage forms the base of the work of Tibetan artists today, inside and outside of Tibet. Contemporary Tibetan artists are searching for a way that could lead them from the ancient Tibetan Buddhist metaphors to a form of free art able to challenge today’s world. On their way these artists do not let go of their roots; not even when they leave the rooftop of the world for India or the West. The rich, mystical atmosphere reflected in their work springs from a stream of old traditions and sometimes harsh circumstances.


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Losang Gyatso Gonkar Gyatso Karma Phuntsok Tashi Norbu Puntsok Tsering
Tharphen Lingtsang Namgyal Dorjee Rosemarijn Dissen Paul Hilkens Elke Hessel