In a typically Dutch area, surrounded by water and wind mills,
Tibet House Holland
is situated in Wormer.

Tibet House Holland offers workshops, exhibitions and teachings to show and preserve and promote Tibetan culture and art.

You'll find small Tibetan treasures at the Tibet House shop.

Tibetan people living in the Netherlands can attend Tibetan Language classes, there are language classes for Dutch people and there are painting classes for everyone. You are invited to attend the Tibetan Buddhist rituals every Wednesday.







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Tibet House Holland
Pakhuisplein 41
1531 MZ Wormer, Nederland

Tashi Norbu
+31 (0) 6 43 11 92 69

Tibet House Holland seemed to be the next logical step
after years of organising art exhibitions, workshops and teachings in Amsterdam with
Tibet Art Movement.

Tibet House Holland is initiated by Tibetan artist Tashi Norbu in cooperation with several co-Tibetan artists and Mr. Kelsang Norbu, Tibetan language teacher and University graduate







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T: +31 (0)6 43 11 92 69

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Since  1st June 2017 , the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art in Emmen, Holland, is open to the public.  Showing, displaying, preserving, and promoting the Artistic, Cultural and Historical matters of Tibetan Art, coming from the roof of the world, to embrace the West. Tashi Norbu’s, Marjanne Timmerman's and  Team's aim, this Museum to be the cradle of Tibetan Art;  and this is everyone’s Museum with a continuing activity, projects and displays.




Please, support Tibet House Holland Foundation by donating to the following bank account:
Stichting Tibet House Holland ABN AMRO bank account number 500924929 The Netherlands IBAN is: NL66ABNA0500924929 BIC code (or SWIFT): ABNANL2A

Tibet House Holland foundation, brought to light thanks to an initiative of the Tibetan Artist Tashi Norbu and to the work and dedication of many aims to:
• raise awareness for the preservation and development of the Tibetan culture and identity
• contribute to the development of Tibetan contemporary art
• establish a cooperation with Tibetan contemporary artists living in Tibet
• promote cooperation among several artists inspired by the Tibetan culture
• organize exhibitions of Tibetan artists, possibly in combination with artists inspired by Tibet and coming from other countries
• organize Tibetan cultural and/or Tibetan Buddhist events
• organize, develop and carry out educational programs like Tibetan painting lessons, and workshops, both for artists and non artists, lectures on Tibetan art and culture
• organize Tibetan language courses for Tibetans and non Tibetans
• organanize lectures and teachings on Tibetan Buddhism

and all this to send a powerful message of peace and goodwill into the world

A rich cultural heritage forms the base of the work of Tibetan artists today, inside and outside Tibet. Contemporary Tibetan artists are searching for a way that could lead them from the ancient Tibetan Buddhist metaphors to a form of free art able to challenge today’s world. On their way these artists do not let go of their roots; not even when they leave the rooftop of the world for India or the West. The rich, mystical atmosphere reflected in their worksprings from a stream of old traditions and sometimes harsh circumstances.

Tibet House Holland

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