Simonetta Ronconi

In February 2007 I had the pleasure of meeting Tashi Norbu at the Himalaya Film Festival in Amstelveen (Amsterdam). He was presenting a documentary on his life: “Closer than Tibet” by Ron Chiers. It was fascinating to follow a day in the life of Tashi and look at the Tibetan issue through his eyes and through his art. He looked so controlled and so rebellious at the same time. When later I had the chance to talk with him and admire some of his paintings, I knew that I would see him again. The little but intense painting I bought that evening was going to become a good companion of my days.

Tibet was already part of my life, thanks to four memorable days spent in Brussels attending H.H. the Dalai Lama teachings on The Middle Way, in 2006.

When I found out the Tashi and his co-artists would tour in The Netherlands, I immediately went to the nearest city, Weesp, to admire his work and ask details about his mandala painting course. Once arrived I received a warm welcome by him and his co-artists and soon afterwards, very spontaneously, we started planning a possible exhibition in Amsterdam. Since that day, in October 2007, numerous events have been following one another, unfolding a new scenario in my life. I participated among other in the organisation of exhibitions and programs, in the planning of events, in the creation of flyers and communications of different kinds, in the realization of mandala workshops for children, in the presentation of Tashi exhibitions in several locations, not to mention Ticket for Tibet on the 20th of April 2008. In order to prepare the huge banners for that event (10,000 visitors this year), we went to paint in a old factory in Eindhoven, as you can see in the video Tibetan Kunst 2008 (Info/Video Archive). Great memory!

Tibet Art Movement is the logical development of the previous activities and initiatives of Tashi Norbu and I am proud to be part of it, from the very beginning.

Thanks to Tashi I also got to know Paul Hilkens, a good friend by now and a great artist and inspiring person; just the perfect companion and support for all the projects and events that are in store.

One upcoming project is particularly dear to me: The Green Tara Project. We are still optimising the concept and its various components but it will soon be presented. The female principle and spirituality at large have always been quite present in my life. Born in Rome, I grew up in the best playground ever: the ancient city of Ostia, Ostia Antica. The temple of Diana was my favourite, the one dedicated to Ceres was great but the whole city exuded beauty and a reverence for the goddesses. Since then art, harmony, beauty and female wisdom are the pillars of my existence. I have dedicated many days of the last 21 years to self studies on female spirituality and psychology. In the last eight years I have attended several seminars on shamanism by Christopher Beaver and four yearly courses on extra communication abilities by Margriet van Bentem.

In December 2007, together with Villia de Koningh and William Joy I presented the introductory workshop Discover the Goddess within You in Amsterdam.

The activities mentioned so far are perfectly in line with my occupation as self employed professional translator and voice actor in Italian: interpretation and communication of concepts, ideas and beliefs.


Tibet Art Movement

Simonetta Ronconi

Simonetta Ronconi
Co-founder and Secretary
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Simonetta Ronconi

Sinds november 2007 organiseer ik samen met de Tibetaanse schilder Tashi Norbu en zijn medekunstenaars exposities, workshops en lezingen en sinds september 2008 ben ik ook actief in Temple als curator van Tibet Art Movement. Momenteel ben ik bezig o.a met het organiseren van een creatief programma / tentoonstelling / workshop over de Tibetaanse Boddhisattva Groene Tara.
In Ostia Antica, nabij Rome, groeide ik op tussen oude tempels en beelden van godinnen als Diana, Ceres en Isis. Als kind heb ik de harmonie, schoonheid en vrouwelijke wijsheid daarvan intens ervaren. Het concept van godinnen en vrouwelijke wijsheid heeft mij altijd sterk geboeid.
Al 20 jaar ben ik bezig met zelfstudies over vrouwen spiritualiteit en sjamanisme.
Met goed gevolg heb ik de driejarige training Extra Kommunikatieve Vaardigheden (perceptietechnieken en diagnostiek psychische waarneming) en Transformatieprocessen en Stervensbegeleiding van Margriet van Bentem gevolgd. Al 8 jaar volg ik de teachings, o.a over Elemental Psychology, van Christopher Beaver, shamanic practioner en homeopath. Samen met Villia Koning heb in december 2007 de introductory workshop Discover the Goddess within You in Amsterdam gepresenteerd.
Daarnaast ben ik professioneel vertaalster en voice actor in mijn moedertaal, Italiaans.